All residents over 18 receiving a hand-delivered Hamlet are automatically full members of the Community Association (CA) and are welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting held in May.

Meetings are usually held in The Games Room of the Village Hall.

Any resident is welcome to become an individual member or join one of the Standing/Sub-committees of the CA.

Please contact the Chairman or Secretary

Officers and Individuals:
Chairman:      Chris Miller     01579 351081        
Vice Chairman:    John Roberts   01579 351911
Secretary:      Jean Miller     01579 351081        
Treasurer:       Verona Davis 
Historian:       Lynda Harman 01579 351413                  
Bookings Secretary:    Lorraine Palmer    01579 350911 

General Committee is made up of:  Elected Officers & Individual Members plus Chairman and Secretary of the Standing/Sub Committees listed below. 
Also each of the established organisations of the Community Association is invited annually to appoint ONE named representative to report to Quarterly Meetings. 

Hall Management and Promotion
:   John Roberts 01579 351911     
Secretary:       Karen Ward 01579 351971
Treasurer:       Jill Roberts    
Hall Bookings:   Lorraine Palmer 01579 350911    
Resources:     Lynda Harman

Other members: Lawrence Parker,   Mike Enright,  Jenny Snuggs, Alan Sturt, John Eccles, John Palmer

Advisers:      Simon Platten and Simon Maclennan

  Lorraine Palmer   01579 350911

Secretary:    Eileen Sturt
Treasurer:      Jill Roberts  
200Club:       Mandy Parkes,

Other Members:
Eleanor Garrard, John Palmer, Anita Nash, Andy Partridge, John Roberts,  Frank Ellwood

Hamlet Film Club:

Chair: Vacant

Secretary: Eileen Sturt   01579 350639

Treasurer:   Hilary Dent       

Others:  Jean Miller, Malcolm Rowe,  Margaret Barnes, Margaret Willson, Joan Tall, John Palmer

Chair:  Jean Miller   01579 351081
Editor: Sally Eccles 01579 350329
Advertising:  Anita Nash                                                                     
Reporters:  Anita Bowden, Kate Jennings, Jean Rose, Julie Rowlands 

The Welcome Pack: Co-ordinator:  Jean Miller    351081

* * If you are new to the area please let us know - just go to the contacts page * *
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